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Gulf Racing 102 bulk


Gulf Racing 102 is an unleaded, oxygenated fuel, that has a three-digit octane level, providing you with that sought-after competitive advantage against others using standard unleaded fuels

Gulf Racing 102 bulk

Price including tax3,483,48 Price w/o tax

Available in stock


Our 102 formula is a consistent and reliable fuel that provides an increase in performance across many different applications. The fuel can also be used at all levels of motorsport from professional to amateur as it is both FIA and Motorsport UK compliant.

Most important features:

  • Developed without compromise provides significant power increases in a range of different applications
  • FIA 2023 compliant
  • Dedicated for turbocharged engines

This order is for one liter of Gulf Racing 102 petrol for the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2023.

The volume of fuel purchased will be delivered to one of the Carrera Cup locations.

In the next step, choose a delivery location.


  • Unleaded
  • Research Octane Number 102
  • Motor Octane Number 91
  • Dry Vapor Pressure Equivalent 56 kPa
  • Oxygen Content 3,5% (m/m)
  • Denisty at 15°C 785 kg/m3


Can I buy additional fuel at the race directly from truck after ordering here?
We make deliveries only for orders placed 14 days before the race date. Orders placed after this date will not be processed. It is not possible to buy fuel from the tank driver. The amount of fuel delivered to the track corresponds exactly to the amount ordered by the racing teams.

Gulf Racing 102 bulk

Price including tax3,483,48 Price w/o tax

Available in stock


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