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GULF PRO FUELS 4T – Alkylate gasoline


Gulf Pro 4T is a clean, ultra-clean, alkylate gasoline for all non-road 4-stroke engines. It is odorless when burning and offers exceptionally clean combustion properties and a long shelf life, making it ideal for use in mowers, karting, motocross, boats, snowmobiles, generators etc.

GULF PRO FUELS 4T – Alkylate gasoline


Regular gasoline contains ethanol, which is not resistant to moisture. Therefore, Gulf Pro Fuel 4 is the perfect choice for the marine environment.


Gulf Pro Fuel 4 is free of ethanol, benzene and aromatics. These substances are found in regular gasoline and are very harmful to your health. They can cause serious health problems such as cancer.

The common feature of both products is the ability to store gasoline for a long time. Even in the event of longer downtime – the devices continue to function flawlessly. Even after a few months, starting the engine will be easy! Gasoline retains its properties for up to 5 years. It can be hibernated in equipment tanks.

It is not necessary to empty the fuel tank as with regular gasoline. Using Gulf Pro Fuel 4 allows for less frequent filter changes and does not damage rubber seals in the engine.

The use of Gulf Pro Fuel 4 alkylated gasoline has a very beneficial effect on the environment . The production of ground-level ozone (smog) is reduced by 40%.

Gulf Pro Fuel 4 is used wherever the use of toxic gas is prohibited , for example on closed kart tracks.

Warter Pro is an ecological fuel that is up to 99% cleaner than standard fuel. Therefore, it is better for different types of engines and more environmentally friendly. It is almost completely free of hazardous compounds such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. The use of alkylate gasoline guarantees better hygiene at work and significantly less harmful impact on the environment. The product is also more durable than ordinary fuel – it can be stored longer without the risk of damaging the engine.



GULF PRO FUELS 4T – Alkylate gasoline


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