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Warter Pro Fuel 4- ecological alkylate gasoline for four-stroke engines

Warter PRO FUEL 4

WARTER PRO FUEL 4 is an ecological and professional alkylate petrol for four-stroke engines. Perfect for lawn mowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, boats and any engine on water.

Warter Pro Fuel 4- ecological alkylate gasoline for four-stroke engines


Regular gasoline contains ethanol, which is not resistant to moisture. Therefore, WARTER PRO FUEL 4 without the addition of ethanol is perfect for supplying small engines exposed to corrosion.

WARTER PRO FUEL 4 is free of ethanol, benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. These substances are found in regular gasoline and are very harmful to your health. They can cause serious health problems such as cancer. The PRO fuel mixture does not absorb water , unlike regular gasoline from a gas station. Water in gasoline will corrode engine components.

However, the lack of exhaust gases is the most important feature that distinguishes our petrol PRO FUEL 4.

A common feature for PRO products is the possibility of long-term storage of gasoline. Even in the event of longer downtime – the devices continue to function flawlessly. Gasoline retains its properties for up to 5 years. It can be hibernated in equipment tanks.

The use of WARTER PRO FUEL 4 gasoline allows for less frequent filter changes and does not damage the rubber seals in the engine.

The use of WARTER PRO FUEL 4 alkylated gasoline has a very positive effect on the environment. The production of ground-level ozone (smog) is reduced by 40%.

WARTER PRO FUEL 4 is used wherever the use of harmful gasoline is prohibited. For example, in closed go-kart tracks.

You can learn more about the product at
on YouTube Warter channel | Pro and Facebook profile


Warter Pro Fuel 4- ecological alkylate gasoline for four-stroke engines


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