Warter Pro Fuel 4

Warter PRO FUEL 4

WARTER PRO FUEL 4 is an ecological and professional alkylated fuel dedicated to four-stroke engines. It is perfect for mowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, boats and all of the engines on the water.

Ordinary gasoline contains ethanol, which is not moisture resistant. That is why WARTER PRO FUEL 4 which does not have the addition of ethanol is the perfect choice for feeding small engines that are exposed to corrosion.

Warter Pro Fuel 4


Ordinary gasoline contains ethanol, which is not moisture resistant. That is why WARTER PRO FUEL 4 which does not have the addition of ethanol is the perfect choice for feeding small engines that are exposed to corrosion.

WARTER PRO FUEL 4 is free of ethanol, benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. These substances are found in ordinary fuel and are very hazardous to health. They can cause serious health problems such as cancer. PRO fuel does not absorb water, unlike ordinary fuel from a gas station. Water in gasoline causes corrosion of engine components.


However, the most important feature that distinguishes our PRO FUEL 4 is NO EXHAUST GAS.

A common feature of PRO products is the ability to store gasoline for a long time. Even during extended downtimes – the devices still work properly. Fuel retains its properties for up to 5 years. It can be stored in device tanks through the winter safely. 

Using WARTER PRO FUEL 4  allows for less frequent filter changes and does not damage the engine rubber gaskets.

The usage of alkylated fuel WATER PRO FUEL 4  has a very beneficial effect on the environment.  The formation of ground-level ozone (smog) is reduced by 40%.

WARTER PRO FUEL 4 can be used wherever the use of harmful gasoline is prohibited. For example, in closed karting tracks. 

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Warter Pro is the ecological fuel that is up to 99% cleaner than regular ones. Therefore, it is better for different kinds of engines and for environmental protection. It is almost completely free of hazardous compounds such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. The use of alkylated gasoline guarantees better hygiene at work and ensures significantly less harmful effects on the environment. The product is also more durable than ordinary fuel - it can be stored longer without danger of damaging the engine.


Alkylated fuel is up to 99% cleaner than regular gasoline available on the gas stations. Ordinary gasoline with the admixture of ethanol destroys the fuel systems in small engines! Ethanol absorbs moisture, forms deposits and degrades fuel lines, which makes the equipment difficult to start and ultimately requires expensive repairs. There is a whole range of differences between alkylated fuel and gasoline obtained at service stations. The key difference is that alkylated fuel has an extremely pure form. Alkylate is produced from gaseous hydrocarbons found in fossil fuels - it is a type of steam or gas that appears during the crude oil refining. This process is called alkylation and involves combining excess gas from crude oil distillation and a cracking plant to form liquid alkylate. Some additional ingredients are then mixed, which gives the finished clean fuel.
- Prevent ethanol problems - Ensure easier and more reliable engine running - Maintain stability during off-season storage - Extend engine life - Avoid costly repairs and parts replacement
If you pour a bit of conventional gasoline intO one container and the same amount of PRO alkylated fuel into another one, next you light both, the difference will be clearly seen. The flame of conventional gasoline will produce much more soot, while PRO fuel burns clean and bright. After the liquids will finish burning, the container of PRO fuel will be clean, while in the container with conventional gasoline you will observe the remain of brown and black residues and deposits. One thing that makes a difference is ash residues in the oil that contain carbon and form deposits. Such deposits remain in the engine and beyond - on the grass, in your lungs and wherever can reach.
Today, many karting halls have decided to purchase the Warter PRO4 fuel. The users speak with one voice that the heavy smell of exhaust gases has simply disappeared, as well as headaches for employees and customers. In Sweden, alkylated gasoline is used in all karting halls, which has opened up completely new opportunities for the market. Children's events take place in the halls and companies can book them for integration events with food and social activities - now they are able to do so without the need to go home and throw their clothes straight into the laundry.


Warter Pro Fuel 4


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